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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters
compared to what lies within us.”
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes



If you are: 

Ready to love life again, 
Ready to love yourself again, 

Ready to thrive…This 8-week on-line program is designed for the woman who wants to thrive, not merely survive, after divorce.  It’s all about realizing your strengths, your dreams and your true self.

In Thriving After Divorce you’ll discover:

  • How to return stability and positive energy to your life.
  • Moving away from blame and hurt to write your new story, your way.
  • Restoring yourself to a place of honor and self-respect.
  • Discovering the benefits of forgiveness and gratitude.
  • Learning that it is your time to be happy.

Available now through the Daily Om , Thriving After Divorce, a collaborative program by Marilyn Hough, LMFT and Cheryl Maloney.   This is an 8 week on-line course.  Each week you’ll receive a new lesson by e-mail. Your first lesson will be available immediately after you enroll.

Suggested Retail Price: $25.00.  

Click HERE to start your journey to thriving again! 



“Having fun is about as good a habit as there is.” ~ Jimmy Buffet

Would you like to transform your relationship from power struggles to a passionate friendship? Would you like to increase joy, appreciation, fun and pleasure in your life together? Is the spiritual aspect of your relationship important to you?

This enlivening one day workshop is designed for men and women choosing to explore the more subtle points of relationship within a supportive but challenging environment. It will include:

• how to recognize your needs and have them met
• specific skills to improve communication and handle conflict
• how to strengthen your love and enhance intimacy
• how to be an individual within the relationship as well as a partner
• discover how to enhance the spiritual relationship between you and your partner

Come enjoy a renewed commitment to your mutual happiness.

Next scheduled workshop: :
Date: TBA
Location: Hillsboro, Oregon
Investment: $79 per person

Course is closed. Please contact us to be on the contact list for our next course.
Hillsboro location info will be sent prior to the course
For more info call 503 648-4884



“To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.” ~ David Viscott, MD

Intensives and extended sessions are designed for couples who are frustrated with the drawn out process of week to week counseling sessions and want to move forward in their relationship now. Both extended sessions and intensives are customized to meet your specific relationship needs. They are perfect for couples with a relationship crisis or for those not wanting to be limited to a 50 minute session.

As a couple, Chuck and Marilyn are familiar with the issues common to evolving relationships. They offer a blend of both the male and female perspective so that both partners in the couple feel heard and respected.

Extended sessions are the ability to string together as many 50 minute sessions as you’d like, depending on availability.

Intensives are powerful as you’ve both set aside this time specifically to work on your relationship. This sends a strong message about your intention and the value you place on your partner and on the relationship. In an intensive, Chuck and Marilyn will clarify your goals, help you release and heal the old emotional baggage that keeps you stuck, create a new vision for your relationship, and teach you the tools and skills necessary to maintain the positive changes made during the intensive.

An intensive can last from a half of a day to a whole weekend. You will normally meet with Chuck and Marilyn together but during portions of the intensive you will meet with them one-on-one. With their guidance, you will be given time to practice the new tools and strategies you have learned until you feel comfortable that you can use them on your own. You will create a new vision for your relationship and be coached on how to keep that vision alive.

This approach offers deep and personally meaningful change. Extended sessions and intensives are held in their Hillsboro, Oregon office. Intensives can also be individually designed and held at the Oregon coast or near your home. Call for further information about how you can tailor make your own healing experience. Begin to live your life the way you always wanted it to be. 503 648-4884