Counseling and Coaching

“You will either step forward into growth
or you will step back into safety.”
~ Abraham Maslo

COUNSELING provides a path to healing. It is a way for people who are experiencing problems in their lives to get help from a trained professional. The focus is on improving your state of well-being. This normally includes healing emotional pain or conflict within an individual , or in a relationship, and then teaching new skills to improve the level of satisfaction experienced in one’s life. Counseling is appropriate for individuals or couples who have had ongoing issues that they are ready to resolve. It is a great tool for personal growth. We offer face-to-face, phone, and email counseling, EMD/R (Eye Movement, Desensitization and Reprocessing), hypnotherapy and essential oils therapy.

Counseling sessions are 50 minutes in length, either over the phone or in person. The cost is $125/session. Although we accept some insurance, most sessions are paid for at the time of service. If you would like insurance to cover your sessions, we will give you a bill at the end of each month which you can send in for reimbursement. Extended sessions and intensives are available by request. For more detailed information on the types of servces we offer, request information

EMAIL COUNSELING is $40 per answer. The answers will be detailed according to your situation. When applicable we will offer suggestions to help you implement some changes, including popular books and videos. This is usually to give you an idea of our services. Reading your email and then answering it for $40 is not to exceed 20 minutes.

If you would like us to answer your question, send us an email with your question. We will then send payment instructions and when we receive payment we will email you our answer. Please be sure to indicate whether you want Marilyn or Chuck to answer your question.

COACHING is for individuals who want guidance in making life changes. It is normally goal oriented. The focus is on developing behaviors and attitudes for achieving specific goals in one’s work or personal life. Coaching is also a tool for finding and maintaining balance in body, mind, emotions and spirit. The emphasis is on action, accountability and follow-through. Coaching is a great tool for individuals or couples who have, for whatever reason, been unable to achieve success in a particular area of their lives. For example, someone who just can’t seem to stay motivated to succeed at their business, find and maintain the right relationship, or achieve their desired body image. A coach will help clarify the goal and then focus the energy in the direction of achievement of that goal.

Coaching sessions are normally 30 minutes in length and are charged at a rate of $300/month for one session per week or $80 per single session. Coaching is done over the Internet or by phone and homework is usually included. Coaching costs a little more because there is work to do before and after each session. For further information or to arrange a session, request information

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