Learn to Meditate

We have had some clients ask us about meditation. Since we have both been meditating for a long time, we decided to share a simple meditation that anyone can learn. The recording is approximately 20 minutes long and is in three sections.

The first section explains what meditation is and is not. It is not concentration which would be trying to have no thoughts. It is not contemplation which is thinking about something deeply, like what is the sound of one hand clapping. It is a simple, effortless technique that is thousands of years old. The second section is a relaxation technique to help your body get a head start on the deeply restful experience of meditation. The third section is a six minute meditation which fades out at the end, allowing you to go longer if you wish. When you have finished just remain seated with your eyes closed for a couple of minutes, then get up and go about your day.

You can find it here.