“Life is supposed to be fun!” Relationships are the cornerstone of our lives. When our relationships are going well, we feel there is nothing we cannot accomplish. We are happy, inspired and energetic. When our relationships are not going well, our world seems to be filled with feelings of disillusionment and doubt. We work exclusively with relationship issues, both with individuals and/or couples. Our goal is to teach individuals and couples how to have relationships that bring them joy and satisfaction. There is no reason to remain stuck in old patterns. You can learn the skills to improve your relationship. Discover how to: • communicate effectively • limit power struggles • increase respect and trust • strengthen your love • enhance intimacy

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We are located at Orenco Station in Hillsboro, OR

We offer counseling and coaching to individuals and couples in Hillsboro, Beaverton and the greater Portland area. We also offer email counseling and coaching by phone worldwide. We’re here to help inspire you to transform the quality and experience of your life, as defined by your relationships, toward greater success and fulfillment.