Why I Use Essential Oils


Have you ever read something so powerful that it motivated you to change your life? I had that experience in June 2000 when I read the words: “If your purpose in life doesn’t give you butterflies in your stomach at least an hour a day, there’s something seriously wrong.” When I saw those words, written by Dr. Gary Young in the 2000 Convention Issue of The Essential Edge, I knew something in my life had to change. Don’t get me wrong, I live an incredibly grand life, but butterflies an hour a day … I don’t think so. I was comfortable in my life. Comfort and butterflies (which for me translates to excitement and passion) don’t always mix. Can you relate? I decided in that moment that I wanted to bask in the deliciousness of life daily.

What keeps us from living our best life? Emotional baggage. As a psychotherapist I see this daily. Regardless of what my clients want – better relationships, a new job, more fun, more money, better health – your emotional baggage can hold you back. It can be labeled anxiety, fear, lack of self-esteem or feelings of hopelessness. Whatever you call it, past emotional problems keep people from living their dreams. Clinical research shows that traumatic experiences are stored on a cellular level and have profound effects on the emotional and physical state of the body.

When I read Dr. Young’s statement, I took out my essential oil blend called “Live With Passion” and put a couple drops on my wrists. Within minutes I felt more joyful. Two days later I was presented with the opportunity to speak at a Sales Pro meeting and at the grand opening of a local bookstore. I had the enthusiasm and confidence make both of those talks successful.

I’ve used the oil called “magnify your purpose” to give me clarity; “joy” for feelings of self-love; “En-R-Gee” to alleviate afternoon fatigue. I diffuse “Peace and Calming” in my office daily. My current favorite is “Highest Potential.”

If your desire is to work through your emotional blocks and create your dreams, you must be willing to embody change, to face the fear and move forward anyway. When using essential oils, I find the transition is fluid, gentle, and graceful. It is not the tear-jerking cathartic release that is sometimes expected. I invite you to join me in creating a life filled with passion, optimism and joy.

For a partial list of the Young Living Essential OIls I use for emotional healing, both for myself and in my practice, click here


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