Oils FAQs


• All information presented here is taken directly from Young Living literature and company sponsored events.

• When buying essential oils always look for labels that state “genuine & authentic” or “Grade A.” Most people think the words, “Pure” or “100% Pure” on the label indicate the oils are good. This is not true. Adulterated oils that are cut with synthetic extenders can be very detrimental, causing rashes, burning, and skin irritations.

• Much more is involved in therapeutic grade oil than just the purity. If they are not properly distilled, they won’t be therapeutic grade. Unlike most essential oils, Young Living Essential Oils are processed at low temperature and low pressure without the use of solvents or additives in order to retain all the natural, therapeutic properties.

• If you have never used therapeutic grade essential oils or if you have been using adulterated oils you do NOT know their power!

• When in doubt as to where to apply an oil, you can always put it on your wrist, on your navel. or use as a perfume or aftershave.

• With each order of Young Living Essential Oils you will receive a sheet entitled “How To Use Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils.” The sheet contains a great deal of valuable information.

• For more detailed information regarding individual oils and how to use them (and much, much more) please go to http://trailblazer.younglivingworld.com. Go to the section on the left titled “resources” and click on “free training.” Want even more, click on the link called “library.” Take your time. There is a lot of priceless information that will change your life.

• For a great 5-minute taped introduction to Young Living oils call toll free 1-800-371-9230.

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